Central Florida Panhandle

Living in the Florida Panhandle is wonderful. The area offers year-round activities, such as: farming, fresh and salt water activities, hunting, horseback riding, hiking, kayaking, and bicycling.

Picking peanuts. Farmer woman pulling peanuts out of soil. Autumn harvesting. Farming and gardening concept.There are numerous crop, livestock, and tree farms in our area. Several of our local farms offer you-pick vegetables and blueberries in the spring and early summer months. There are small mom and pop farmsteads available if you want to grow your own food, or maybe go into farming and ranching on a larger scale with a big tract of land.

A Destin, Florida Stretch of BeachFrom the beaches of Saint George Island to Destin, the coastal areas in the panhandle are legendary. You can enjoy strolling on their white sandy beaches and swimming in the emerald green waters. Both are in relatively easy driving distance, or you can buy right on the beach and have access with just a short walk out your door.

Orange kayak on river with rod on board. Fishing and sport kayakWe are very blessed to have a great fishery with some of the best inshore trout and Red fish that you will find anywhere in the USA. If you like to fish offshore, there is Red Snapper, Grouper and several other species just waiting for you to wet your hook. There are also numerous spring-fed bodies of water, such as the Merritt Mill Pond and the Eco-Fina waterways for your freshwater fishing or kayaking adventures.

If this style of living sounds great to you, just give me a call or email me. You can reach me at (850) 272-0405 or you can email me at Cindy@CCRG.us


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